By 2025 the vegan cosmetics industry is expected to reach $20.8 billion dollars, according to Grand View Research. The vegan cosmetics market is steadily growing, with increased awareness surrounding cruelty-free and clean beauty it is one of the largest trends within cosmetics.

Disruptive Materials are proud to release the following statement regarding our material platform Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate:
Upsalite® is a material containing no products, bi-products, or derivates of animal origin, and can be used in vegan cosmetic products. Upsalite is synthesized from a naturally derived mineral.

Disruptive Materials hereby affirms that no animal tests have been conducted or commissioned, in full compliance with the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009, neither on our raw material Upsalite, nor on any finished cosmetic, consumer product or prototype containing it, nor on any other ingredients contained in our finished products or prototypes.

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