What trends and concerns are currently shaping the color cosmetics market, and what is driving them? Read below for industry insights from our team, and where they see the future direction for color cosmetics.

What trends and/or concerns are currently shaping the color cosmetics market? What is driving them?
The market is being shaped by very agile product development. We have seen strong trends around sustainability and clean products in the last few years, cutting down on ingredients and promoting “free-from” claims. Brands need to be more transparent with their consumers and communicate on a more direct level than ever before. Other big trends affecting the color cosmetic market are personalization and inclusivity, as well as new tech applications.

What is the future direction for color cosmetics? Where is there untapped potential?
In the next decade, we will see a continuous focus on sustainability and clean beauty as this is on top of our consumers’ minds. Hopefully, it will evolve in a more honest context, where you promote the ingredients you have chosen for your brand and products rather than stating what is not there. This would create a healthier marketplace and less scaremongering of the consumer. New tech and AI solutions will also evolve the personalization and inclusivity of the color cosmetics category, for example enabling the consumer to create skin tone specific shades at home.

What technologies or ingredients will enable this future direction? How?
Creating efficacious products with fewer ingredients that matter is challenging. The new Swedish invention, Upsalite® , a mesoporous magnesium carbonate (INCI: Magnesium Carbonate) can for example substitute other absorbing materials and boost sebum absorption of a powder. Upsalite®  can also be used as a carrier, loaded with various active ingredients it can enable color cosmetics with enhanced formulas or actives in product formats that previously was very difficult to create. Upsalite opens up many new possibilities!

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