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performance SKIN Gear for athletes

We offer sports brands PERFORMANCE SKIN GEAR products for Grip & Glide. Utilizing our patented moisture absorbing porous material Upsalite®.

Performance Function & Care

 The core is the use of our cornerstone material Upsalite® (INCI: Magnesium Carbonate), with 10 times more moisture uptake than regular Magnesium Carbonate, We have created a range of both fully developed and new product concepts and formulations for use in sports with technical expertise and substantiated claims for your consumers – we call it Performance Function – with focus on Moisture Management with Upsalite – products within the grip and anti-chafing segments.

To complement our Performance Function line, we offer Performance Care, carefully selected and functional products for a post-workout routine.

How it works

Many sports brands that focus on apparel and equipment would like to extend their offering with performance and care products aimed for athletes. However, the road from idea to finished product can be quite overwhelming and that’s where Disruptive Materials Sports come in:

• We enable brand extensions in a category that offers high margins, low returns, and recurring business.
• We offer Turn-key solutions for product concepts of your own or our finished formulations, customized with your brands look and feel.
• We take care of the whole process including concept, R&D, manufacturing and packaging.

The science behind

It all begins with Sports grade Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate, and first-class formulations tested by professional athletes.
Moisture is absorbed on the surface and since Upsalite® is anhydrous, highly porous and has an extraordinary high surface area it can absorb 10 times more moisture than regular magnesium carbonate.

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