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Eleiko is the leading equipment provider and educator in strength. In 2021 they released Performance Liquid Chalk globally.

Performance Liquid chalk

Eleiko Performance Liquid Chalk with Upsalite absorbs twice the moisture for increased friction and grip on the bar.

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond launched, the engineered climbing chalk series Black Gold and Pure Gold containing Upsalite® in 2018.
For the spring season of 2020, Black Diamond launched Black Gold Liquid Chalk with Upsalite® , a liquid chalk that absorbs 2 times more moisture than regular chalk.

Black Gold Liquid chalk

Our latest product in collaboration with Black Diamond. An engineered liquid chalk with up to two times better absorption properties than regular chalk.

Black Gold Loose Chalk

The first collaboration with Black Diamond that launched globally in 2018, the engineered sports chalk Black Gold. With up to two times better moisture uptake than regular chalk it gives climbers an extra performance boost.

Pure GOld Chalk Booster

Pure Gold, an additive-free chalk booster containing Upsalite® , that absorbs 10 times more moisture than regular chalk and can be blended into regular chalk – to customize it according to personal preferences and environmental condition.

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The Upsalite quality symbols stands for safe and effective ingredients that lift a products performance. Consumers can trust a product with Upsalite will work as advertised.

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