Price comparison service PriceRunner has tested 8 different powders, both pressed and loose, to crown a winner based on the criteria: Result, use, and packaging. “How does it feel on the skin?”, “Is it easy to apply to get a nice look?”, and “Is the packaging user friendly?”, are some of the questions they asked their panel to consider during the test – that chose Palina’s Prowder as the best product in the lineup!

With the following statement, Prowder by Palina was selected Best in Test by PriceRunner:
“It’s always nice to see smaller Swedish brands sticking out with both innovation and a good product – and that’s truly the case with Palina and their loose powder Prowder. This is the first product in the world to use Upsalite, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate, in a cosmetics product. And what a good decision that was! With Upsalite in this powder, the user can enjoy a flawless finish from early morning until late in the evening. Say goodbye to shine, and hello to a silky smooth skin – that’s exactly what this loose powder offer.

Upon application, the result is transparent, and eliminates not only the unwanted shine but also gives a minimizing effect on the pores. Upsalite works as a small sponge and absorbs the excess sebum, which gives the skin a matte finish. Prowder also contains squalene, which works as a moisturizer.

It’s not uncommon that powders can make the skin feel both dry and tense, but this is eliminated with Prowder from Palina. And it’s these qualities: The mattifying effect, the flawless finish, the long-lasting result, and silky smooth and kind feeling on the skin, that makes the test panel shout with joy.”

Read the test in its entirety (in Swedish) on PriceRunner

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