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Get to know our partners and learn about our collaborative projects within sports and cosmetics.


We work directly with brands as well as partnering up with select global producers – to create a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Au Naturale

Au Naturale launched Finishing Powder Pro, made with Upsalite® technology, in June 2021.

LH cosmetics

LH cosmetics Blotting Powder is a pressed powder with Upsalite® technology, released in May 2021.

“This is the product I have always looked for but never found, a dream product for people with oily or combination skin. I have for a long time wanted to develop a product that takes away shine and works just as well on the red carpet, for photo shoots as for everyday selfies. And this is it. Our blotting powder is as easy to apply and bring with you as it is effective. I am so incredibly proud of Blotting Powder, it really is a unique and special product!” – Linda Hallberg, Creative Director & Founder of LH cosmetics.


Palina launched Prowder, the first makeup product containing Upsalite® to the Swedish market in September 2019. By replacing traditional ingredients such as talc and silica, a new category within mineral makeup is created referred to as porous minerals, the next generation makeup formulations.

Awards & Accolades
Swedish Product of The Year at the Swedish Beauty Awards 2020
Base Product of The Year at the Daisy Beauty Awards 2020
Best Innovation 2020, Beauty Oscar from Skönhetsredaktörerna
“Best Product” by PriceRunner/Bäst-i-Test.


We offer brands premium fast-moving consumer goods in a turn-key manner, to create a truly stand-out offer.


Eleiko is a Swedish company  the leading equipment provider and educator in strength. In 2021 they released Performance Liquid Chalk globally, the Performance Liquid Chalk can absorb twice the amount of moisture than competing liquid chalks.

“Combining Eleiko’s knowledge and passion for lifting with Disruptive Materials’ strong foundation in science and innovation, Eleiko Performance Liquid Chalk is designed to meet the demands of today’s lifters, providing a hassle-free chalking up experience and scientifically engineered enhanced grip.” – Erik Blomberg, CEO at Eleiko

Black Diamond equipment

Black Diamond is a company that’s not just for rock climbers and skiers, but one that stands for the spirit of the sports they live, their values and goals, past, present and future. Since 1957, their innovative gear designs have set the standard in numerous areas.

Our first collaboration with Black Diamond launched globally in 2018, the engineered sports chalk Black Gold. The line has grown with the addition of Pure Gold, a chalk-booster, and Liquid Black Gold.

Awards & Accolades
Pure Gold Chalk by Black Diamond won an ISPO Award 2018, in the Outdoor segment, Climbing Accessories category.

Joint venture

JiangSu Disruptive New Materials Co. Ltd is a joint venture company created together with Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co., for commercialization of cosmetic products in China. The company is based in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province which is known for its expertise, experience and production of cosmetic products.

JiangSu Disruptive New Materials Co. Ltd

Since 2017, large quantities of Upsalite have been shipped to our JV for development and commercial distribution of products within cosmetic dermatology. On September 21st 2017, the very first product, as a result of that JV, was launched to a Chinese audience of approximately 30 million people, all considered influencers or agents within the target market. The product, an all purpose powder spray, can be used for oil control to give a matte finish, as a dry schampoo or as a deodorant.
In 2020, four additional cosmetic products launched.


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