LH cosmetics is accelerating with an internationally groundbreaking product!

LH cosmetics’ Blotting Powder is the world's first pressed powder with Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate that quickly absorbs oil and shine while at the same time prevents unwanted flashback effect.

Written By Disruptive Materials

On 21 May, 2021

In the fall of 2016, the Swedish makeup artist and influencer Linda Hallberg started the makeup company LH cosmetics. In a short time, LH cosmetics makeup products have become favorites among makeup artists and consumers interested in beauty. Now, LH cosmetics is accelerating and launching an internationally groundbreaking beauty product!

Just over 2 years ago, LH cosmetics founder Linda Hallberg heard about the ingredient Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate. Through her hobby climbing, she was fascinated by how effective her new climbing chalk was at removing sweat on her hands. When she found out that it contained the ingredient Upsalite® – a patented material from Disruptive Materials in Uppsala, she got in touch. The fact that Upsalite is extremely effective and at the same time a vegan Swedish product, environmentally friendly and completely free of heavy metals and dermatologically tested made it feel like a must and a next step in her product development. Linda visited the lab in Uppsala, touched, squeezed and discussed with researchers and product developers in close dialogue to create a completely new and unique product. On May 18, LH cosmetics Blotting Powder finally premieres – becoming the world’s first pressed powder with the patented ingredient Upsalite®.

LH cosmetics Blotting Powder is translucent and can be used by everyone, with advantage on people with oily or combination skin. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid which contributes to keeping the skin hydrated, and of course it is 100% vegan like all products from LH cosmetics.

“This is the product I have always looked for but never found, a dream product for people with oily or combination skin. I have for a long time wanted to develop a product that takes away shine and works just as well on the red carpet, for photo shoots as for everyday selfies. And this is it. Our blotting powder is as easy to apply and bring with you as it is effective. I am so incredibly proud of Blotting Powder, it really is a unique and special product!”

– Linda Hallberg, Creative Director & Founder of LH cosmetics

The handy compact comes with both a mirror and LH cosmetics’ best-selling powder puff for easy application on the go. LH cosmetics Blotting Powder will be released on the 18th of May.

LH cosmetics Blotting Powder is available online now. To shop, click here.

MattifyingHyaluronic acid
BlurringPowder puff included
No flashback effectPerfume-free
Upsalite100% vegan
Why is this product so unique?

LH cosmetics’ Blotting Powder is the world’s first pressed powder with Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate that quickly absorbs oil and shine while at the same time prevents unwanted flashback effect. Upsalite® belongs to a group of materials that can be called superabsorbents, which means that the substance absorbs 2 to 5 times more moisture than other leading makeup ingredients. Upsalite® also absorbs oil and moisture 10 times faster than, for example, silica. The ingredient has a porous structure and absorbs oil and moisture inside the particles instead of on the outside which in turn makes LH cosmetics’ Blotting Powder maintain the look and feel much longer. It works equally well on bare skin as on top of your makeup whenever you want to mattify oily parts on your face. As a bonus you’ll get a blurred finish. Blotting powder can be used several times on top of makeup without looking cakey.

About LH cosmetics

LH cosmetics is the brain and passion child of renowned Swedish makeup artist and influencer Linda Hallberg. We’re on a mission change how people use makeup, to develop a multi-use brand where the colors are only colors, and all colors. And of course, all products are vegan.

The products are sold not only on lhcosmetics.com, but also on Kicks, Åhléns, Zalando, Bangerhead, Lyko, Björn Axén, Boozt, Douglas, Beauty Bay, The Make up spot, H&M Beauty & Harrods.

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