Eleiko partners with Disruptive Materials to release Performance Liquid Chalk with Upsalite

Together with Swedish materials technology company Disruptive Materials, Eleiko introduces Performance Liquid Chalk containing sports grade Upsalite®, a patented mesoporous magnesium carbonate.

Written By Disruptive Materials

On 6 May, 2021

Together with Swedish materials technology company Disruptive Materials, Eleiko introduces Performance Liquid Chalk containing sports grade Upsalite®, a patented mesoporous magnesium carbonate.

The Performance Liquid Chalk can absorb twice the amount of moisture than competing liquid chalks. Backed by science, the liquid chalk provides an enhanced grip with minimal residue on equipment, fast application and dry time, and optimal moisture absorption.

Upsalite is a patented innovation, stemming from state-of-the-art research from Uppsala University, Sweden. Upsalite offers excellent moisture uptake and has a supremely high surface area as compared to other earth metal carbonates, resulting in its unique absorption capacity. It is synthesized from naturally derived minerals and is considered additive free and safe.

Combining Eleiko’s knowledge and passion for lifting with Disruptive Materials’ strong foundation in science and innovation, Eleiko Performance Liquid Chalk is designed to meet the demands of today’s lifters, providing a hassle-free chalking up experience and scientifically engineered enhanced grip.

Erik Blomberg, CEO, Eleiko

Compared to other leading liquid chalks, Eleiko Performance Liquid Chalk with Upsalite absorbs twice the moisture for increased friction and grip on the bar. The alcohol-based and resin-free chalk evaporates quickly, leaving hands with even coverage with a single application. No dusting, minimal residue on equipment and a high alcohol percentage benefits both users and facilities, leaving chalk only where you want it.

The collaboration between a prominent performance brand such as Eleiko together with our scientific approach to product formulation including our unique, patented material Upsalite®, has been the key factor to merge performance and science. Together, we maximize value for the end user with Eleiko Performance Liquid Chalk, including Upsalite.

Alexander Grahn, product development manager, Disruptive Materials

Eleiko Performance Liquid Chalk is available online now. To shop, click here.

About Eleiko

Eleiko work to make people stronger, so they can perform better – in sports and in life. For over 60 years, Eleiko has been a worldwide leader in international weightlifting, powerlifting and strength & conditioning communities. Eleiko is uniquely certified by the IWF, IPF and Para-Powerlifting federations. Their products have been delivered to more than 180 countries and are often seen at the world’s largest championships and in the most respected strength training facilities. More than 1,000 world records have been set with an Eleiko barbell. With quality, innovation and customer service as guiding principles, Eleiko is the leading equipment provider and educator in strength.

About Disruptive Materials

Disruptive Materials is a dynamic, privately owned materials technology company based in Uppsala, Sweden. It is founded on the unique and patented materials technology platform Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate. As its name implies, Disruptive Materials’ modus operandi is to disrupt the status quo by delivering cutting-edge products and solutions that address real-life problems. Disruptive Materials currently has three business units: Pharma, Cosmetics and Sports, and a joint venture company in Asia and is actively working with European and North American business and development partners. For more information about Disruptive Materials and Upsalite, please visit: https://disruptivematerials.com/sports-grade-upsalite/

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