Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate

A unique material for the ingredient-savvy consumer

Disruptive Materials is currently commercializing Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate, into the beauty industry through color cosmetic applications. The material speaks to the ingredient-savvy consumers that want to learn more about their products, demand performance and safe ingredients. We have been working with brands to provide a factor of differentiation and an element of that connects the science behind the product to the end consumer.

Upsalite Background

Upsalite is a novel, patented ingredient that arose from pharmaceutical research at Uppsala University. Back in 2012, Professor Maria Strømme and her colleagues serendipitously invented a material that was previously said to be impossible, as researchers had tried for over 100 years –  the first and only mesoporous magnesium carbonate: Upsalite.

The Science Behind

Cosmetic Grade Upsalite is a great addition to products that seek shine and sebum control, mattifying effect, blurring effect and much more.
Upsalite® is a material containing no products, bi-products, or derivates of animal origin, and can be used in vegan cosmetic products. 

Products on the market

Get familiar with the products containing Upsalite that are already out on the market. Keep your eyes open in 2022 – as more products are planned to launch!


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Read the article from Vogue Scandinavia about Upsalite in Cosmetics

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