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GlōGirl Cosmetics strives to celebrate and empower the diverse beauty of women and represent inclusive beauty on a global scale. Evolve is the first loose setting powder to launch in the US with 4 shades. Evolve setting powder launched on October 1st 2021.

Help your bold looks stay put for longer with this sensational setting powder. Blurring imperfections for a soft-focus finish, Evolve ensures every moment is worthy of the ‘gram. Forget selfie shine and flashback, this superior setting powder smooths pores and eliminates oil without drying the skin.
It contains the revolutionary powers of Swedish Upsalite, dubbed an ‘impossible material’ by scientists thanks to its long-lasting absorption effect.

the dry shampoo

by björn axén

In 1963 a young Björn Axén welcomed his first customers into his newly opened hair salon at Sibyllegatan, Stockholm. Björn, taught by the master himself, Monsieur Alexandre, brought knowledge, creativity and a fresh point of view with him from Paris. He brought glamour into Sweden and put hairdressing on the map. In 1984 Björn launches his first products, embellished by Björn Axén’s seal – a butterfly.  In September of 2021 Björn Axén launched the first Dry Shampoo with Upsalite in Sweden.

A unique dry shampoo with the patented ingredient and world innovation Upsalite that very effectively absorbs grease and refreshes the hair without leaving any visible product residues. The result is clean and fresh hair with full and durable volume.

Finishing Powder Pro from Au Naturale

au Naturale Cosmetics, is trailblazing with a new,
patented ingredient from Sweden. The launch of the new professional
Finishing Powder PRO is pushing the limits for color cosmetics and bringing
new meaning to high performance cosmetics in America. Finishing Powder Pro was released on the 9th of June 2021.

A finishing powder formulated with Upsalite® technology–this life saving powder is clinically proven to provide long-lasting shine control, no flashback during photography, superior absorption capacity and maximum blurring effect.
The unique porous structure of Upsalite® allows it to store excess oil and moisture inside the particles, leaving the outside completely dry.

LH cosmetics Blotting Powder

In 2016, Swedish makeup artist and influencer Linda Hallberg started the makeup company LH cosmetics. In a short time, LH cosmetics products have become favorites among makeup artists and consumers interested in beauty. LH cosmetics Blotting Powder was released on the 18th of May 2021.

LH cosmetics Blotting Powder is the world's first pressed powder with Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate that quickly absorbs oil and shine while at the same time prevents unwanted flashback effect.
Upsalite® has a porous structure and absorbs oil and moisture inside the particles instead of on the outside which in turn makes LH cosmetics Blotting Powder maintain the look and feel much longer.
LH cosmetics Blotting Powder works equally well on bare skin as on top of your makeup whenever you want to mattify oily parts on your face. As a bonus you’ll get a blurred finish.

Prowder by Palina

Let’s take a look into the success of our first partnership in makeup!
Lina Ivarsson is a well-known makeup artist to the Swedish entertainment industry and prized owner of Palina Skin Philosophy.

In 2018, Lina was introduced to Disruptive Materials and subsequently learned about Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate. She realized the potential of creating a new generation of color cosmetics, with exceptional performance, using Upsalite to provide a level of differentiation.
The next year was spent developing the perfect formula, for what is now called Prowder, at Lina’s preferred producer.
For the release, Lina collaborated with Disruptive Materials to support not only the release of Prowder through traditional and digital channels but also a press launch.
Prowder is currently Palinas best-selling product of all time. Lina is currently planning her line extension of more color cosmetic products including Upsalite.

One of a kind

“At Palina we are so excited over the collaboration with Disruptive Materials. We have used Upsalite in our product Prowder, which has made it unique and one of a kind. The properties are outstanding and Prowder has entered the market over our expectations.”

– Lina Ivarsson, CEO at Palina

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The Upsalite quality symbols stands for safe and effective ingredients that lift a products performance and differentiates it from the crowd.

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