Upsalite® (INCI: Magnesium Carbonate) is a patented material from Sweden and with an extraordinary high surface area and exceptional absorption capacity of both oil- and water-soluble substances. Cosmetic Grade Upsalite is specifically created for use as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations, such as color cosmetics. Scientific studies show that Upsalite has excellent oil absorption and setting properties and gives no flashback, supporting longer-lasting color cosmetic products with superior shine control for all occasions. Upsalite also have the ability to modify rheology and thicken anhydrous liquid formulations and provide a smooth and velvety texture. For more in-depth information about the science behind Upsalite, a peer-reviewed publication is coming out in J of Cosmetic Science.

In new product development, the brand often has an idea of a formula they already like.
Sometimes there are many. These are referred to as benchmark products and it’s how the formulator at the producer is able to get the brand a formula they will be happy with. We use spider charts when comparing a benchmark formula to a formula we are developing together with a brand. The spider chart helps the client visualize the properties of a specific sample to better understand how they want to manipulate it to achieve the finished product they have in mind. These charts and useful in translating the marketing perspective of the product into the formulation. For example, clients might think it needs more luster or want to increase the wear time. We can take these properties on the spider chart and translate that into suggestions for the formulator at their manufacturer. This saves everyone time and helps our clients get to the finished product they want faster.

Disrupting the market

The effectiveness of cosmetics with Upsalite can help brands to stand out in a crowded market with one of the latest, premium innovations in the world of color cosmetics, hair and beauty. By partnering with Disruptive Materials, you can upgrade and improve your existing products or expand your line to include a science-based formulation.

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