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Disruptive Materials is a dynamic company with the mission to commercialize our patented and groundbreaking material Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate. Today Upsalite can be found in products globally, as we continue to expand our portfolio within sports and cosmetics.

Three of the inventors behind Upsalite

It started in the labs

A group of researchers, Sara Frykstrand Ångström, Johan Gómez de la Torre, Prof. Albert Mihranyan (not in picture) and Prof. Maria Strømme, at Uppsala University in Sweden succeeded in synthesizing a stable mesoporous composite materials with an extraordinary high surface area, which they named Upsalite®.

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The discovery of Upsalite®

A ground-breaking new material, Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate, is discovered


Patent application

The first patent application is filed in 2012.

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Disruptive Materials is founded

Disruptive Materials is formed together with Mattias Karls to commercialize Upsalite. The company has 1 full-time eployee.


award winning material

Since the start of Disruptive Materials AB, the company was voted one of the hottest new tech companies by “33 Listan” two years in a row, and released award-winning partner products within both sports and cosmetics.

aPharma Background & Spin-off

In 2021 our pharma unit become a spin-off company – Disruptive Pharma.
Visit their website at DisruptivePharma.com

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